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My name is Brittany Fernbacker

and I am Occult Kitten.

I was inspired to create Occult Kitten Collection out of my deep love of crystals, magic, traveling the world and wanting to share these experiences with others.


It's a dream, a sanctuary, something to believe in.
A dimension that both represents and celebrates duality. 
The place that you can find both your shadows and your light. 
It cannot be easily defined because it is every me and every you.


Occult Kitten is an expression of my higher self, created to personally help me understand the world of duality. 

I applied my lifetime study of magic to integrate my light and shadow aspects.  

This energetic alchemy brought me to a deeper understanding of how I could bridge these seemingly opposing forces in myself and in the world.

When oneness is honoured. Each soul is sovereign. Duality can be celebrated once again, for our differences are the colors and essence of our souls.


Together we are the rainbows that dance across the universe.

Dearest Crystal Family,
My mission is to empower souls with the transformative healing energy  of crystals, so that your spirit is transcended to a magical world of your own creation. I believe crystals have the ability to inspire, heal and transform us in profound ways. Crystals speak directly to my heart and soul.
No words, knowledge or money could buy that feeling when I connect with a crystal. It is above all normal logic to connect with something not technically "alive" but that is the very reason I believe crystals say more then we ever could. They connect us to something primal, an energy, vast and more powerful then we can comprehend.
Each one truly is alive and carries its own unique vibration.
I believe our crystals often seek us much longer then we have been seeking them.
They are our teachers, healers, friends and companions.
They are like our great Mother Nature who endlessly through time gives without ever asking for anything in return. 
They are pure love. 
I also strongly believe they connect us all together through our collective consciousness. Living in Brazil for over 3 years and experiencing the heart of where so many crystals are birthed into reality has taught me that each tiny piece, no matter where it ends up in the world, came from the same place.  We too are like crystals fragmented in time and space who come from the same place. Through our connections we all meet again! 
This is why I hope you all know it is a great honor for me to connect you with your crystals. That is why all my crystals are selected by hand and chosen with such great care. Each one spoke to me trying to reach you.
This is not a job or a 9-5 to me. It's my soul mission and I give everything I've got 24/7. I opened my shop a year after the most traumatic experience of my life and this dream literally pulled me out of the darkness of depression and PTSD. I still struggle but my dreams push me in ways I never imagined and allowed me to discover a whole new life I knew was waiting for me just around the bend. 
As much as I bring healing to others lives through crystals, you all heal me more in ways you'll never even know.
I truly love you all and hope you can feel it in every crystal I get to connect you with.
Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.
 All my love,
Occult Kitten
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